ticTOCs Table of Contents Service

ticToCs aggregates the tables of contents of over 11,000 scholarly journals from over 400 publishers. It’s easy to search for journals by title, subject or publisher. From there it’s simple to view the tables of contents and link to the publisher’s sites. If your campus has full text access, you’re all set. Even without full text access, this is a terrific current awareness service.

Rather get your tables of contents via RSS in your own feed reader? Select the journal titles of interest and export them as an OPML file. Import that file into Google Reader, Bloglines or other feed reader and all the titles will be added in one fell swoop.

What an incredible time saver this service is. Finding the RSS feeds for even a handful of journals can be time consuming, finding them for over 11,000 journals, wow! Thank you to consortium that put this together.

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