ScreenToaster – Screencasting, free, quick, easy

ScreenToaster is a new (and free) browser-based screencasting tool. I tested this service when it was in beta last fall and was impressed with it then. I’m even more impressed now.

Some of the features:

  • Records action anywhere on your computer screen, whether in the browser or on your desktop.
  • Records full screen or a user defined rectangular area – easy to adjust the area.
  • Allows for insertion of a small video recording from your webcam if you want to have your smiling face shown narrating. I didn’t try this.
  • The audio quality is terrific and it’s easy to test your sound level before you start recording.
  • Screencasts are stored in very high quality on the ScreenToaster site, with a URL for direct access and code for embedding on other web pages.
  • If you don’t want to record audio, you can add text subtitles after you’ve recorded. A nice way to get around the lack of callouts, arrows and such.
  • They’re experimenting with direct uploads to YouTube and downloads to your computer in .avi and .swf formats. Unfortunately audio isn’t included in these formats at this time. With .avi you could edit the video and add your audio back in.

I’m going to include ScreenToaster in my next screencasting class at the end of the month. The class focuses mostly on using Wink for more complex screencasts, but I really wanted to have something that was quick and simple. ScreenToaster is perfect!

My test screencast.

6 thoughts on “ScreenToaster – Screencasting, free, quick, easy”

  1. “If you don’t want to record audio, you can add text subtitles after you’ve recorded. A nice way to get around the lack of callouts, arrows and such.”

    Thanks for mentioning this because it is important if you need to highlight complex pages.

    Thank you for the blog post.

  2. Hi Polly –
    You are the best! It’s so wonderful having someone out there always keeping abreast of new stuff like this. I was just talking with my Tech Guy today about biting the bullet to pay for Camtasia, not being totally in love with Jing, and along comes your helpful post! Keep up the good work – your blog is invaluable!

  3. A few cautions about ScreenToaster:
    — If you want to save the file to your hard drive or upload to YouTube, do it before you save it to ScreenToaster. I would definitely want to save my recordings offline for safe keeping. But that may just be me.
    — Editing subtitles doesn’t seem to be possible after it’s saved.

    I imagine there will be new features added over time, hope so, it’s a pretty nifty tool.

  4. I just used ScreenToaster for the first time to update a webinar and it worked great. Like other people, I used Camtasia before but after switching to a Mac, I had to find something else. I tried Jing and it worked fine except that it had a limit of five minutes video time (at least for the free version). I stumbled on ScreenToaster and since it is compatible with Mac, I gave it a try. I recommend all Mac users try it if they need screen capture.

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