“You people are just following a fad!”

I recently encountered a librarian who was feeling overwhelmed by too much technology and feeling that people were telling him to jump on all the latest tech tools and implement them just because they’re “cool”. Not surprisingly, he wasn’t too interested in implementing anything new as a result.

For all those who feel that way, please take heart. No one wants you to implement something that won’t work for your library. No one wants you to do something new just because it’s cool. But do take a look at new ways of operating and new tools that can help you reach your customers in new ways. And reach new customers.

And take a minute to watch this great animation by Michael Edson.  Do you hear yourself or your colleagues in this?


You people are just following a fad!

  • perhaps true, but follow it intelligently
  • recognize the world has changed
  • don’t forget about the mission
  • need transitional models

Found via: Infotoday Blog – Michael Edson will be a speaker at CIL 2009.