Computers in Libraries

Against all odds, I made it to DC for the 2009 Computers in Libraries meeting. I hope to do some posts about the sessions I attend. Wish me luck with my good intentions! And if you’re here, say HI!

If you’re not here and want to follow along:

I’m sure there are other ways of following along that I’m missing.

For now, I’m heading off to the Gaming & Gadgets event. Can’t get enough of games or gadgets can we?

3 thoughts on “Computers in Libraries”

  1. I MUST find a way to make it to this conference next year…my head is spinning with the ideas I am finding through the Tweets, blogs posts, and all other wonderful web 2.0 feeds.

    1. Buffy, you should submit a program idea!! You’d be great. And it would be so good to have more school library perspectives as part of the main program, instead of as a completely separate track.

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