Google Reader : Tags have feeds


I use my Shared Items feed from Google Reader to drop odds and ends of interesting items on the sidebar of this blog. Handy, but it’s just one feed.

I wanted to be able to create other topical feeds from all the stuff I sift through in Google Reader.  One way that came to mind was to bookmark interesting items in delicious, add unique tags and feed them out from there. Doable but an extra step or two.

Sifting through the Google Reader help files tonight in preparation for an RSS in Libraries class next week, I found an answer.

  • Tag the items you want to share with an appropriate topical tag.
  • Then on your Settings page, set that tag to public.
  • Voila, you have a public page for items with that tag and subsequently a feed that you can use as you like.

There’s also a handy option on the settings page to create a “clip” of the content with that tag. Copy and paste the code and you have a handy gadget for that tag on your blog or web page.

Since it’s the time of night for a glass of wine, the items I tagged were all about wine bargains!