Free Rice – Feed the World, Exercise Your Brain

I’d forgotten about the Free Rice website until a friend mentioned it on Facebook today.  For every right answer to their online quizzes, they donate free rice to the UN World Food Program. And now they have quizzes not only for vocabulary, but also math, foreign languages, geography, art and even chemistry.

I though I’d put my summertime procrastinating mood to some good use and have been refreshing my math skills and German vocabulary. I would have loved these when I was a kid (ok, I was a geeky kid!). Maybe your kids will too? Ok, it’s back to work for me. Or maybe it’s time to see if I know anything about chemistry?

3 thoughts on “Free Rice – Feed the World, Exercise Your Brain”

  1. I love this game. I now know what saponaceous means…still haven’t found a way to work it into a conversation though 😉

  2. Had to look that one up! Hmm… trying to think of a sentence. “He was a saponaceous sort of fellow.” ??

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