Technology to the students!!

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I have lots of school library media specialists in the technology classes I teach. They are often the ones in the forefront of using technology in their school districts and come up with great ideas for how technology can support student learning and help teachers do their jobs better.  At the same time, they often tell me that many of the tools we explore are blocked or that students can’t have email, so therefore can’t even get accounts with so many of the tools.

When I was a gov docs librarian, our tagline was “documents to the people”. Well I think my new clarion call will be “technology to the students”!

In that vein, take a look at this great blog post Google Apps for Education overview by Kathy Schrock. She details how they arranged for school email accounts for all their students and teachers. How they use Google services to share documents, calendars and more. And she includes an excellent model for an email permission slip, explaining why students need email and acceptable use guidelines.

If you’re having challenges in your school district, maybe this model can help. Just keep at it! Demonstrating the value and need for access to technology. You’ll get their eventually.

Had successes in your district? Please share!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the positive words about my post! I do hope it can help others!

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