Disappearing WordPress Visual Editor?

Time for wine
This is one of those days when WordPress is making me crazy. For no apparent reason, the visual editing tool bar has disappeared. It was there earlier, but gone now.

I ran the upgrade to get to version 2.8.1, but that didn’t bring back the Visual editor.

And the upgrade process nearly wiped out my blog again. Weird, the UPGRADE option under the TOOLS panel failed. This has happened before, so maybe it’s just my server and host? But then the naggy UPGRADE NOW message that was taunting me at the top of the screen worked fine.

So I’m all upgraded, well my blog is, wish I could get upgraded too! But where’s my visual editor? Oh well, maybe it will come back tomorrow. It’s almost my birthday, so I guess I’ll have some wine and ignore WordPress for tonight.


One thought on “Disappearing WordPress Visual Editor?”

  1. Well, after several hours of trying all sorts of troubleshooting strategies, my visual editor has returned. I upgraded wordpress several time, deleted all sorts of files and replaced them even after upgrading. Then I disapbled all my plugins and the visual editor reappeared. Turned each one on one-by-one to see which one was the problem, but the visual editor continued to work each time. So, mission accomplished, some things learned along the way, but still not sure why the editor disappeared!

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