Is there a Red Box DVD machine in your library’s future?

Princeton Public Library just installed a Red Box DVD machine outside their building. What a great idea. Janie Hermann posted this photo and note about the service to Facebook today:

“We are a pilot site at PPL for having Red Box services to supplement the library collection. This gives our library customers 24 hour access to the newest DVDs, means that we do not have to buy as many copies of new releases (thus saving money), and we can a cut of the money from having the Red Box on site that we can use for collection development. Win, win, win — at least we hope so. Pilot projects are exciting.” (More info)

2 thoughts on “Is there a Red Box DVD machine in your library’s future?”

  1. How can I learn more about how the pilot is working? I work at a library and am trying to find out more.

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