Emerging Mobile Technologies for K-12 Classrooms – Chat session, Sep. 3, 11 AM

gadgetsThis looks like it will be an interesting discussion of mobile technologies in schools.  Join in the free chat session at the Education Week website.  No special software required.

Because of their low cost and ubiquity, an increasing number of educators are considering the use of mobile devices, such as cellphones, netbooks, GPS systems, digital recorders, and MP3 players, in the classroom. When harnessed properly, supporters say, these devices can open up new educational opportunities for students. But some critics feel such devices are more of a distraction or annoyance than a learning tool. Our guests will discuss which mobile technologies are best for the classroom, when they should or should not be used, and which emerging mobile technologies will have a significant impact on K-12 education.

(via: Mobile Libraries)

(image courtesy limowreck666)