Library Day in the Life

The Library Day in the Life week happened while I was out of town, so I caught up and wrote some quick notes as I went through my day today. I’m not going to do a whole week of notes since my work days are pretty similar unless I’m teaching or running around to meetings. I’ll try to do another day of notes for a teaching day.

  • As an independent consultant working from home, I usually avoid my office until the coffee is made and I’ve had time to read the paper… yes, the newspaper printed on environmentally unfriendly paper. Didn’t get to the paper today since I’d been out of town for a week and lots to catch up on.
  • Caught up on email after a week away, during which I only answered the most urgent emails. A downside of being an independent consultant, you really can’t ignore email,  phone calls and such for more than a day or so – even if you are on vacation. Longest  I’ve gone is 3 days and all my clients knew I’d be out of touch.
  • Searched flickr for library summer reading photos and sent invitations to add them to the 2009 summer reading photo group on flickr.
  • Did some joomla troubleshooting for a client. Used Screentoaster to create a couple of short screencasts to guide them through some tricky editing – far easier than emailing step by step directions.
  • Answered an email about speaking at a meeting. Since I don’t know enough about the topic, I offered some other speaker suggestions and offered to help look for other names – used twitter to ask colleagues for suggestions.
  • Updated materials for a blogs & wikis workshop for school librarians later this week. Had a bit of fun using Wordle to create a new graphic for the training materials.
  • Mowed the lawn! Which I mention only because this is a benefit/drawback of being a consultant and working from home. If I’m not teaching or in meetings, I can take care of daily stuff that is hard to arrange with a 9-5 job. That said, it also means I can easily get distracted by chores and such.
  • Checked in on twitter, flickr, friendfeed and read a few blog posts. Which led off  in some unplanned directions. But this was a day with only one important deadline, so it didn’t really matter which of my other upcoming projects I worked on. The unplanned directions led to some useful resources for future projects.
  • Watched bits of a webinar on screencasting, read some blog posts, viewed some new screencasts, tested Screenjelly screencasting tool.  All this went into updating a wiki page for the screencasting class I teach.
  • Wrote a blog post or two.
  • Did a bit of business accounting – this is the part of being independent that I hate. I don’t like doing spreadsheets and keeping track of expenses. But I do like the checks that come from the invoices, so gotta do it. Want my advice? Hire an accountant!
  • Checked out flickr’s new search options.
  • Reviewed usage stats on a number of web projects.
  • Checked into air fares to get to Internet Librarian in October.