Galleries on Flickr

Flickr has a new galleries feature that lets you create sets of up to 18 photos around any idea, theme or concept you find interesting. This encourages you to explore other people’s photos and search beyond just your own contacts photos for interesting content.

My first thought was that it will help me organize some of the photos I’ve added to my favorites. I ‘fave’ lots of photos and then have trouble finding them again. Galleries might help with with this. (anyone else have great ways of organizing favorited photos?)

The limit of 18 photos encourages flickr members to act as “curators” and gather the best work representing a theme. Seems like a great presentation method for a school project.

Thanks to ShellyS for adding one of my photos to her Simply Awesome gallery or I might have missed this new feature!

Get more info from flickr galleries help.

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