Using Web 2.0 Tools to Deliver Statewide Library Services

On Sept 24th, I’ll be participating in a forum at the 2009 COSLINE (Council of State Library Agencies in the Northeast) meeting. The theme for the conference is the role of technology on delivery of statewide services.

I’ll be leading a discussion and demonstration of how Web 2.0 tools are being used by state library agencies. There are tons of great examples out there that I’ve been bookmarking on delicious.

But I’m still looking for more examples! How are your states using 2.0 tools?

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  1. As part of our efforts at CT SL to move beyond simple blogging & to begin incorporating tools like Twitter & Facebook, I needed just such a list. Kris Abery had helped me by providing much of the following, so I’ll pass on what I have:

    The Idaho Commission for Libraries uses a 2.0 website: where the Idaho library community is encouraged to join and comment on the Community Page. WebJunction Idaho is another resource for blogging and interaction. Wimba sessions. IM/Meebo, Twitter, Facebook page ( and ), staff blogs, web cams, igoogle and other readers, RSS, and mostly likely many others which do not come to my mind at this time in the morning! Each ICFL staff members uses differing tools depending on their comfort level and position need. We have also used WordPress , however try not to inundate the library community by sending them too many places – focus primarily on ICFL site and WebJunction Idaho. Promote the use of Web 2.0 tools through SPLAT 101.
    · Here is Utah State Library’s blog (wordpress): We teach blogging including twitter and the other 2.0-y things. We have rss feeds on our website. We are developing a new website that will be more 2.0-ey than we have now. We use Wimba to teach synchronous classes online. We have muddled with moodle but haven’t been successful in rolling something out. We are using camtasia to offer online “canned” training from our website:
    · Texas is developing a newsletter blog using WordPress now that we hope will launch in March. It will have RSS as well as email subscription options. We also just purchased an account with PBwiki and hope to start creating more collaborative project pages where librarians can give us feedback since we don’t currently have a great mechanism for this other than workshop evaluations and our various surveys. I’m hoping it provides more anecdotal and best practices sharing on programs/services (such as the summer reading club). We’re trying to better leverage our content rather than just delivering it in one format.
    · Library of Michigan is pushing for an institutional and staff presence on Facebook or MySpace. We can Twitter and IM. We use RSS. We have a NING for an upcoming conference but institutional controls make it cumbersome to update and use. Also, pages don’t display properly because filters block pictures and content. As these tools become more a part of doing ordinary business, institutional controls will have to be opened.
    · The State Library of Kansas has an extensive website, an extensive presence on Second Life, and a fast growing group on Facebook. Most of us use rss feeds and blog aggregators, as do many Kansas librarians. We are moving our news to a new WordPress Blog in March. We use IM extensively in-house and Legislative Reference also uses it extensively in their own work. People define 2.0 tools in different ways but we also use video, OPAL and Horizon Wimba extensively for meetings and workshops.
    · At the Nebraska Library Commission, we use Twitter, IM through Meebo, have several Blogs through MovableType with RSS feeds, Have an RSS feed for our news announcements, have a weekly Webinar using Centra, have several Wikis (for different projects), have Flickr, YouTube and Second Life accounts. We are currently working on a pilot project converting our Basic Skills classes to a moodle platform. We just completed a very successful “23 Things” program, which we called Nebraska Learns 2.0, and are making plans now to start an ongoing 2.0 learning program.

    State Libraries on Facebook

    · South Carolina State Library | Facebook
    · New Jersey State Library | Facebook
    · State Library of Kansas | Facebook
    · Oregon State Library | Facebook
    · Indiana State Library | Facebook
    · California State Library | Facebook
    · Maine State Library Info | Facebook
    · Danbury Library | Facebook
    · Alliance Virtual Library | Facebook
    · has a Genealogy page on FB –

    State Libraries using Twitter

    · Alaska State Library
    · Nebraska Library Commission –
    · Maine State Library –
    · South Carolina –
    · Library of Congress –

    1. WOW! Thank you both so much! Terrific stuff. Lots for me to look through. But what you didn’t list is all the great stuff you guys are doing here in CT. 🙂 I’ll be using those examples next week too!

    2. The Maine State Library has removed our Facebook presence for the time being. We are waiting on a ruling from the State AG on FOI issues before moving forward with it.

  2. don’t forget the meta-libraries, aka library associations and such, that have been using these tools since their inception. I am the admin for our state library association’s facebook.

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