Digital Library Landscape – Roy Tennant

roy tennant

Digital Library Landscape – Roy Tennant
Internet Library, Session D11
Monday, Oct 26 2009

Scribbled notes from a terrific session. Any misquotes are my own mistakes!

  • Libraries are in imminent danger – if we do nothing – and even if we do  “something”, it may be the wrong thing.
  • OCLC Perceptions Report – the public still sees our ‘brand’ as book, books, books..
  • So the public goes to google & amazon for books? Where are libraries then?
  • In the card catalog days, we were it! The center of the book finding universe.
  • When we first started automating catalogs, they were (and mostly still are)  just cards on a screen.
  • But we are no longer operating in an environment of scarcity, rather one of ubiquity – ubiquitous connections and access to information
  • Users used to build their workflow around libraries, NOW we need to build our services around their workflow, be where they are, when they want it.
  • “if you dislike change, you’re going to disklike irrelevance even more” Gen. Eric Shinseki
  • Network level – concentration – big enough to have value and lots of information to attract users
  • Webscale – diffusion – ie:  get the info OUT – ie: get library links on google books. Get data out to get users to your collections – worldcat date to put that info out in the path of users
  • Eg: blog post w/ link to book – linkedto  record in worldcat, remembers your location, book  on shelf. What’s missing? Deliver it to my door. (ALSO missing  lots of libraries don’t participate in worldcat)
  • Publishers send book metadata to booksellers, etc  – onix – standard metadata format used by publishers.
  • Their metadata isn’t necessarily as complete as ours – so let’s collaboarate
  • OCLC is taking onix data, enriching it and giving it back – “next generation cataloging” project. Helps libraries become “essential”
  • “we must look  at we do through the prism of our imminent demise”
  • Tools we develop need to solve problems that patrons/customers have. Not the problems we have “scratch their itch”
  • Don’t worry too much about crafting perfect portals …. WHY? If you expose your data well, your audience will find your content through other search tools.
  • Have to get our data out to google, flickr, etc. eg: LOC put their pics on flickr and stats went off the charts – even though those photos had been on the LOC site for years (photo)
  • NYPL Live – lib becomes the center of conversation in that community. Be the place “where stuff happens”
  • Not a time to be timid or panic
  • Deserve a destiny of our own making.

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  2. awesome post, Polly! Thanks for putting it up. Wish I’d have been there to hear it myself, but this is the next best thing… Travel safely!

  3. Thanks Sharon, it was a great presentation. There’s been a discussion on my Facebook page about it. Need to write up some more notes from other sessions.

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