Flickr’s “People in Photos” feature

flickr face featureA couple of weeks ago, flickr added an option to help identify people in your photos. On the right side of the photo page, right near where the Tags feature is, you’ll now find the “add a person” option. Click on that and just type in the person’s name or email address, matching flickr user names will appear. Sure, flickr users have often used names as regular tags to identify people, but it could be hard to figure out which name to use. For example, am I pollyalida? polly farrington? pollyalidafarrington?

What I didn’t notice till yesterday was the ability to outline the person’s face on the photo. Just click and drag a box around someone’s face and you get an option to add a note or a person’s name. Just like face tagging in Facebook.

Want to find all the photos of someone? Just substitute their username in this URL:

Don’t like the idea of people adding your name to photos? There’s an option for that in your Privacy Settings. You can prevent anyone from using the new “people tags”, but that doesn’t prevent someone from adding your name to the regular tags. So I guess some of the really awful pictures of me are out there to stay!

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4 Responses to Flickr’s “People in Photos” feature

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  2. Bobbi says:

    hey thats me! 🙂
    What I found interesting about the IL pictures is I didn’t tag a single person in mine. I have my account sent up to allow contacts to add keyword tags or people tags and several people started tagging people. I think every person in my pics who has a flickr account has been identified and I didn’t do a single one. Hurray for crowdsourcing!

    • pollyalida says:

      Glad you mentioned that Bobbi, same thing happened to me. I didn’t get around to tagging people and found that others were doing it for me! Thanks to our crowds for sure.

      Another point I forgot, if you’ve been tagged in a pic that you really, really hate, you can delete the tag! So that awful picture of me looking like as ‘shusshing’ librarian.. I can get rid of the tag. One does own one’s own name in that way.

    • pollyalida says:

      p.s. hope you don’t mind that I used the photo of you!

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