AudioBoo & Vocaroo & Google Earth

This morning I saw a tweet that led me to a wiki that mentioned a blog post that answered a question I didn’t realize I had – yet! The question was how to add audio to placemarks in Google Earth. One of the school library systems I work with is offering a session on Google Lit Trips. And being able to have students add their own voices would be terrific. Tom Barrett outlines the steps to do this in his blog post: Google Earth is our Paper – Part 2: Add your Voice

Vocaroo is the handy recording tool that he recommended using. No accounts to set up, just go to the site, click on Record and well, record! That’s it. Your audio is saved and Vocaroo gives you options to download your audio, share it via a link directly to the file and code to embed it on a web page. It’s the embed code you need to add it to the Google Earth placemarks. Easy!

I was hoping I could do the same with AudioBoo, another easy to use voice recorder that I love. But I couldn’t get the embed code to work with the Google Earth placemarks. I’ll fiddle with it some more when I get a chance.

Despite that, if you haven’t seen AudioBoo, take a look. It’s a handy way to get short audio recordings posted quickly. There’s an iPhone app for recording on the go (I want a Droid app please!), you can record directly to the web site and you can upload files in a variety of formats. Your ‘boos’ have an rss feed and can also be posted directly to Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, FriendFeed and Tumblr. There’s also code for embedding the boos on other web pages.

What other tools are you using to record audio?

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