Google Real Time Search

(short screencast)

I suspect I’m starting to sound like a Google employee, but I’m just testing out lots of Google stuff for a bunch of workshops coming up.

This short screencast shows the new real time search feature in action. For hot topics with timely content, you may see a scrolling news feed of updates appearing in your search results. Results are pulled from Twitter, FriendFeed, news sites, blogs and more. (more at Search Engine Land) If you don’t see any real time updates, use the sidebar options to limit to “Latest” results or to “Updates”.

This screencast also shows a preview of the redesign that Google has been testing. Note the changes in the sidebar. These types of limiters have been available for a while, but they’ve been hiding behind a little “show options” link. In this redesign, all the options will be very visible. I like it!

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