Need a mobile interface to your catalog? Yes, you do!

catalog on phoneAnd now you can have one easily and without breaking the bank! LibraryThing announced their new Library Anywhere project at ALA Midwinter last week. Today they’ve posted prices for the service.

Key features listed in their announcement:

  • A mobile catalog for any library, up and running in minutes.
  • Mobile web and apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.
  • Cheaper than you’d guess.
  • Search, place holds, and more.
  • Showcase hours, branches, and events.
  • No installation process.
  • Works with 90% of current OPACs.
  • Comes with an “accessible version” that provides a fully Section 508-compliant version of your existing catalog
  • (via LibraryThing)

They’re looking for beta libraries now. This is one of those times that I really wish I was still working in a library and could be part of this. And as a patron, I’d really love it if my own local library got in on this. I’ve been trying to use my library catalog on my phone and it’s not a pretty experience!

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