FourSquare and Libraries

Have you tried FourSquare yet? It’s a new-ish social networking tool that lets you use your phone to checkin at the places you visit during your day. You can share those locations and tips about them with your friends.

Along the way, you can earn badges for checking in at certain locations, traveling around, etc. I just earned the gym rat badge and the jetsetter badge (and yes, I still have my girl scout badges, so obviously I like badges!) In addition to sharing with your friends, you can become the mayor of a location by checking in more times than other people. Competition!

Ok, maybe this all sounds a bit silly? But, hey, it is fun! And many locations (think coffeeshops, bars, restaurants) are offering deals for people who checkin and/or become mayor. Starting to see the opportunity to build some brand loyalty here?

Over 1600 libraries are listed on FourSquare and some are offering rewards for checking in. Since anyone can add a venue, I do wonder how many of the libraries are actually aware that they’re listed? I’d like to think that all of them do! Check to see if you’re listed. Update your listing. Add some tips and some tags to describe your services. If users search for ‘free wifi’ when they’re in your area, they’ll find you.

I’m putting together a ‘FourSquare in Libraries‘ resource page for my classes. It’s just a start, but there are some ideas and tips that might be fun for libraries to try. Many of the ideas came from recent blog posts and twitter posts, including:

If you’ve got some fun ideas for using FourSquare, please share!

Foursquare Venue widget that you can add to your website: (via PlaceWidget)

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