Help Protect New York’s Libraries & Library Systems

protect new yorks libraries

Help us protect NY’s libraries and library systems. We need to tell the NYS Legislature to reject the $2.4 million cut in Library Aid Governor David Paterson is proposing in the 2010-2011 Executive Budget. This will be the fifth cut in less than two years and will bring Library Aid down from $102 million in 2007 to $84.5 million in 2010. These cuts combined total an $18 million or 18% reduction in funding for library services. Libraries are part of our safety net—they are essential to life long learning, jobs and opportunity, quality of life and community empowerment.

via: NY’s Libraries: Essential

Visit the web site to:

  • sign the petition
  • share your story of why your library is essential
  • send a letter to your elected officials
  • download bookmarks and petitions to get your community involved
  • And join the Facebook group too

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