Census 2010 – Be Counted

It’s Census 2010 time!  And it’s important that everyone respond by April 1. For every uncounted person, communities lose out on federal funding and services. It’s estimated that my region will lose about $1,600 annually for each person missed. Over the next 10 years, that’s $16,000 for every person missed. Ouch!

The Census Bureau has lots of resources to help community organizations remind people to respond.

In the 2010 Census, every household is receiving the Short Form (PDF) – only 10 questions to fill out. The long form that used to be mailed to  approximately 1 in 6 households has been eliminated and replaced with the ongoing American Community Survey.  The ACS  form (PDF) is mailed to around 250,000 households per month, producing a sample of 1 in 40 over a year’s time and providing much a more up to date profile of our population.

Some households will receive both the 2010 Census Short Form AND the ACS form this month, they do have to fill out both. (ACS and the 2010 Census)

And for your inner Census geek, here’s the 2010 Data Product Release Schedule.

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