Netvibes as a Research Organizer

If you haven’t considered using  Netvibes as a tool to help student’s organize their research resources, take a look at these examples created by 10th grade students working on Veterans’ issues research projects.  Alex’s page & Jovi’s page are  both terrific examples of how Netvibes can help students bring together a wealth of research materials, help keep them on track during the project and allow them to share their progress with others. It’s equally an organizational tool and a presentation tool.

These students are part of the semester long Media 21 project designed and taught by Buffy Hamilton and her colleague, Ms. Lester at Creekview High School in Canton, Georgia.

And be sure to read Buffy’s most recent post to hear more about this impressive project and hear Alex & Jovi explain how they put together their Netvibes pages.

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