Screencasting & Podcasting classes

Since I don’t teach the same groups of people all the time, I don’t often get to see what the folks in my classes do with what they’ve learned. But this week two librarians let me  know how they’d put their learning to work! I  love it  when that happens!

Sam Cook of the U of Hartford  Allen Library was in my Screencasting class on Wednesday. Today, he posted his first tutorial to the library website! Speedy! And he did a terrific job.

During the same class, Gretchen Durley of the Terryville (CT) PL told me about the project she’d launched after the Podcasting class she’d taken some months ago. She holds a monthly Discussion & Dessert book group for 3rd & 4th graders. As part of that they record their reactions and reviews of each month’s books. And what fun and thoughtful reviews these kids are doing.  Have a listen and see if you don’t agree.

A big thanks to Gretchen and Sam for sharing what they’ve created.

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