New & not so new stuff: #2

Throughout the week, I play with lots of different tools and resources that are either new or more likely, just new to me.  I often intend to write blog posts about them, but usually don’t get around to it! So I’m going to try to do an occasional blog post with short entries about various tools & services. That way I won’t lose track of interesting new stuff that often ends up buried in my bookmarks. Good intentions… we’ll see. If you find this useful, let me know so I’ll have incentive to keep doing it!

  • embedr – This video playlist tool is about a year old. Use it to create a playlist of videos from a variety of video sites and embed the player on your website. Playlist can be created from individual videos entered one by one, or from YouTube playlists or user accounts. I came across this tool while looking for creative ways to present groups of screencasts. (via: The Distant Librarian)
  • Blogger Template Designer – Blogger now has an easy to use template designer. Sign in to  your blogger account via On your Layout tab, you should find a link to the Template Designer. From there choose a template and customize it with the easy to use interface. (via: Marianne Lenox)
  • 0to255 – Dead simple color picker tool. Pick a color, view a range of lighter and darker colors. Click and the hex code for that color is copied for you. So handy when picking colors for websites. (via: @shifted)
  • RedKid image generator – lots of fun image generators.
  • Google Search Stories Video Creator – Tell a story via Google search. Enter 7 searches and they’re turned into a short video. One of my favorites was created by Ari Katz while he was stranded in Helskinki.  For some ideas on how to use this in the classroom:  5 Awesome Ideas For Using Google Search Story Creator In The Classroom

And for my favorite Droid app this week:

  • Glympse – another geolocation tool. This one lets you show someone where you are for a certain length of time. If you’re running late for a meeting, the people you’re meeting with will know just when you arrive and can monitor where you are.  Or if you’re traveling and want a friend or family member to know where you are and that you got home ok, glympse will show them. (via Michael Casey)

Embedr video play list based on my YouTube list of book trailers.

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