New & not so new stuff: #3

Some more odds & ends!

Blackbird Pie

A new way to capture individual tweets to post on your web page or blog posts.

To make a handy image like this one, you could use a screencapture tool, crop to size and upload the image to your blog or website. Not too hard, but not as fast as with Blackbird Pie. Just grab the URL for a tweet and pop it into Blackbird Pie. Youll get a chunk of code that you just copy and paste to the place where the image should appear.

Just released a new crop of wordpress converts into the wild. Should be some new library websites sprouting soon!less than a minute ago via web

to get the URL for a twitter post, click on the date when the tweet was posted. It’s just below the post. And I confess that I didn’t notice that for ages!

Google had a makeover!

google updateAnother update to the Google Search page. All the search options are still on the left, they’re just being displayed a bit differently. Which is a very good thing! Seems many, many people hadn’t even noticed the link to “More Options” that has been there for almost a year now. Terrific that these search refinement options are much more visible now.




egg timer Ever say things like “take have 5 minutes to work on the next exercise” I do, but I never time it. Sometimes I should and now I can. Check out this handy and easy to use egg timer. Here’s a 5 minute timer. Love it! (via: lemasney – twitter)

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