Make Music with Aviary

I haven’t looked at Aviary in a while. Wow, what I’ve been missing!

Aviary is a free suite of tools for creating and editing images and sound. The image editing tool includes advanced features like layers and masks. There’s a color editing tool, a vector drawing tool and more.

And they’ve just added a Music Creation (Roc) tool. Even the most unmusical among us (me!) can create some great little bits of music.  Save your creations and use the Myna Audio editor to create a complete song, the track editing, mixing and special effects are amazing in Myna.

I wish I had a free week to spend playing with all these features. If you make some beautiful music, please share!

2 thoughts on “Make Music with Aviary”

  1. As usual, Polly, you're there to let us know about the latest and greatest – if I'd ever heard of Aviary, I'd forgotten about it – but I played with the new music module for a few minutes – very intuitive (at least for me) – much easier than Garage Band. Btw, if you haven't read The Shallows yet, do.

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