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This week is Round 5 of Bobbi Newman’s great project “Library Day in the Life” week. Or day. Whichever! Are you participating? As of today 140 library folks around the world are sharing what their library work days are like. What a great way to find out about other parts of our profession.

A Day in the Life of a Library… Whether you are a librarian or library worker of any kind, help us share and learn about the joys and challenges of working in a library. Join us by sharing details of your day for a week on your blog..Not only is this a great way for us to see what our colleagues are doing and how they spend their days but it’s a great way for students who are interested in the library profession to see what we really do.

As an independent consultant who works from home, my days are probably a bit different than most library staff. Or maybe they aren’t? You decide.

Since I know I’m not likely to blog about my days, I’m using a nifty tool called QuoteURL to capture my tweets about #libday5 and display them here.

  1. polly
    pollyalida RT @sphericalfruit: Non-librarian followers: what’s #libday5? It’s a web-wide initiative for librarians to report their work. Ever wonde …
  2. polly
    pollyalida Today’s the first day of Library Day in the Life / Round 5, July 26th, 2010 R U participating? #libday5
  3. polly
    pollyalida 1 goal 4 this week- clean up my office! Been a very busy few months & it’s out of control. #libday5
  4. polly
    pollyalida Spent much of the afternoon looking for YA book trailers 4 summer reading site: #libday5
  5. polly
    pollyalida Caught up on some reading of articles tweeted by colleagues. #libday5

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