New & Not So New Stuff: # 5

Edistorm -  A terrific brainstorming tool. Place notes on the virtual wall, others can join in and add their thoughts. Notes can be grouped together, colors changed to help visually sort ideas. Participants can vote on ideas and top ideas can be easily pulled together. Edistorm also suggests more keywords based on what you’ve added to the screen. Free & paid plans.  (via: gwynethjones)

What happens when you join your own sesssion! 🙂 – Very handy way to share your computer screen with someone else. Do you call a friend when you need help with something on your computer? Now share your screen with them at the same time.  This free and very easy to use tool lets you show your screen while you talk to them. They can’t actually take control of your desktop, but they could talk you through a problem. Or use it to get advice on something you’re working on. A design, a presentation, whatever. You install a quick little application, it pops up a tiny control bar at the top of your screen with a URL to share. Send the link and the recipient just has to click on it to see your screen. So easy! (Screen shot at left shows what happened when I set up a session, opened another browser tab and joined my own session. It all got very recursive!)  (via: polyxena & philbradley)

The Ghosts of World War II’s Past (20 photos) Stunning photos by Sergei Larenkov overlay WW II photos with modern views of the same locations for a chilling effect. Lauren Pressley blogged about these in August and suggests how powerful they could be for history & architecture classes or for visitors to historic sites. I want to run right out and try this technique.   This would be a terrific student project with historic photos from your town or from places students have traveled to.

Star places in Google Maps – You can now star your favorite places in Google Maps as easily as you can star regular search results. Clicking on the star saves that result and makes it easy for you to retrieve it later in your browser or on your phone. Going on a trip?  Quickly mark places you want to visit and have they’ll synchronize with the Google Maps app on your phone. Simpler than creating a custom Google Map, though custom maps let you add notes and other information. (via: The Official Google Blog)