SimpleViewer Photo Gallery

SimpleViewer creates elegant photo galleries for spiffing up your web sites. The galleries can be standalone pages or embedded in other pages. But what has me excited is the WordPress plugin.

The SimpleViewer plugin adds a little button to the  editing toolbar that pulls up a control panel. Photos can be pulled from a flickr account or your WordPress photo uploads. There are a few settings for size and style. But nothing complicated or confusing! This is truly simple and elegant. I think this is my new favorite WordPress plugin!

[simpleviewer gallery_id=”2″ bgcolor=”ffffff” gallery_width =”100%” gallery_height =”600″]

p.s.  For some unknownable reason, this plugin worked fine on another WordPress site, but wasn’t working here. After a day or two and much research, it works. But not for any reason that makes sense.  Maybe I just clicked the mouse a little harder today. 🙂 Yep, that’s it.

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