Cool Tools for Webmasters

Internet Librarian – Frank Cervone (and Darlene Fichter – who couldn’t be  there)

This is always a very userful session, full of great tips and  tools  Looking forward to  testing out some of these that are new to me. Will blog about the ones that I find particularly useful.

Tools for web site makeovers

Usability testing

  • – wireframes on the fly – web-based, easy to share
  • – social site, ask designers for feedback
  • – usability testing, free version allows 10 tests/month. Install 1 line of js on a web page and record interactions with page?
  • – create scenarios, get others to test remotely.
  • – track what people do on your web-page, view hotspots, etc.
  • – opensource, implemented on webpage with javascript. Have to install on a LAMP server.

Sources of content

Music & sound


Images, colors

  • – lots of travel photos, good quality images for background images
  • – free creative design elements, great for abstract images,
  • – nice hub  for finding lots of design elements, lots of creative commons content
  • – what a web site would look to folks with different types of color-blindness


  • – alternative to google scholar perhaps?
  • – terrific k-12 oriented search tool

Social media  & analytics

  • – great tool for finding where you’re being mentioned in lots  of social tools.
  • – you tell it which social streams to monitor. I use this & it’s handy way to get a summary of the online conversations I’ve had with others.
  • –  great for pushing messages out over multiple social networks easily. And best of all, you can schedule those messages ahead of time.
  • good way to keep in touch with groups, newsletters, etc.
  • – social  media sharing and stats on how your content is being shared. Some social sharing tools don’t do the metrics.
  • – also a social sharing tool, but more – you can also customize the message that goes with your content when it’s shared
  • – helps you find out where your online communities connect.
  • – find out more about your organization

Organization tools

  • – I love love, love  evernote. Keeps all my notes, photos, tweets, content, url’s etc organized. Can share with others, lots of clients for various devices & platforms
  • – click tools you want to install and it creates a install package.
  •  – checks all your software to make sure you’re running the latest versions.
  • – kind of like netvibes
  • – problem solving tool for a group. Enter your problem, get url for discussion page. Great for brainstorming.
  • – Create your own private ‘facebook’ like social network.
  • – good for organizing ideas – collaborative presenting is a new feature.

Additional Tools for Websites

  • Amcharts – create a flash based interactive chart to  embed on your chart
  • – similar to wordle, can create word clouds in different shapes. Also interactive
  •  – Firebug is great for troubleshooing your web design
  • – simple and powerful online database
  • –for quick & easy qr codes, great url shortener service too. Add .qr to end of shortened url and get qr code.

Contributed by audience

  • whyslow – yahoo addon for firefox – to find our   why your site m ight be running slow?
  • – subscription service for designing interactive, complex forms. Has a 15% discount to non-profits
  • – (.com?) –
  • – 3 levels of access – website analytics, free for 2000 hits or fewer.

Missed you Darlene!

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