HistoryPin: Maps, Photos and Stories

I’m getting delightfully lost in the HistoryPin website. Old photos, layered on top of Google Maps and stories to go with them – all things that I love to explore.

What is HistoryPin?

The site invites the public to dig out, upload and pin their own old photos, as well as the stories behind them, onto the Historypin map. Uniquely, Historypin allows users to layer their old images onto modern Street View scenes, revealing a series of windows into the past.

Historypin is one in a series of projects created as part of We Are What We Do’s campaign to get generations talking more, sharing more and coming together more often.  (http://goo.gl/7URp)

Wouldn’t this would be a great project for libraries and schools to get involved with? It makes me think of the wonderful Remember When photo & memory project done by the Ipswich Library in Queensland Australia.

(The screenshots at the top are then & now images of a tunnel called the Argyle Cut that was dug through a sandstone ridge in Sydney in the mid 1800’s. )