My Android Apps

A few weeks ago, I was thinking how useful it would be to know what great Android apps my friends and colleagues are using. Before I could remember to figure out if there was an easy way to share this info, Nicole Engard posted her list of apps using a widget from the AppBrain site. Since I’m already using AppBrain, all my info was there and all I had to do was find some friends!

From the AppBrain web site, I can more easily browse apps and add new ones to a list to sync with my phone. It also recommends apps based on what I already have installed.  You can even browse apps popular with people of different ages, though I find the categories very funny: Youngest, 20’s, 30’s and “older people”. All you 40 somethings – welcome to the “older people” category! And the most popular app for those “older people”? A $19.99 Audubon Birds Field Guide. Clearly, only “older people” can afford really expensive apps? Though, I have to admit, it sound appealing.

So, friends with Android devices – start using AppBrain and be my friend. 🙂

I’m off to buy that Audubon app now……

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