WordPress Workshop at Internet Librarian

IMG_2967 Had a terrific first day at Internet Librarian yesterday. Taught a preconference workshop on WordPress with Kyle Jones, who skyped in and was the sage voice from behind the screen – very Wizard of Oz! Diana Wakimoto took great notes during the session over on the always interesting Waki Librarian blog.

Did a bit of lobby loitering talking to colleagues, followed by a great meal at Cibo’s with one of the dine-around groups. I love the dine-arounds. If you’re traveling alone or just feel like meeting a whole bunch of new people, these are perfect events. Good meals with a bunch of fellow librarians. I’ve made some wonderful friends and connections this way.

Looking forward to the Gaming & Gadgets event tonight. And another session on Monday on WordPress in School libraries with Buffy Hamilton.  Right now, I should get back to work on workshops coming up when I get home, but the waves, the beach, the birds – all very distracting!

6 thoughts on “WordPress Workshop at Internet Librarian”

  1. I am so glad all went well, once wifi was up. Just out of curiosity, did you address caching?

    Infotoday recently launched OnlineVideo.net completely built on WordPress and it gets so much traffic I wanted to take steps to ensure that it stays responsive even following one of our mailings that results in thousands clicking through in a short period of time.

    I started using W3 Total Cache and its been a life saver.

      1. Thanks Ellen, but the credit for that design goes to Dave Pellegrin of HybridGenius.com. He works for Information Today too and does amazing custom themes. In the case of that site I just manage the technology since it has gone live.

  2. Didn’t cover caching, though I think I tried that caching plugin on my site. My site is so small and very low demand, that I didn’t see much difference. I can imagine it makes a huge difference on the video site though! Good to know it really works, will add that to my bag of tricks. And just want to say, all the tech folks were terrific. Loved that they responded immediately to the participants asking for wifi!! Lots of happy campers. 🙂

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