Snipping Tool for screenshots

How did I miss this very simple and incredibly handy tool for taking screenshots?  The Snipping Tool, available in Vista and Windows 7, lets you capture your whole screen, the active window or a section of the screen. It has some simple editing tools for highlighting areas of the capture and scribbling notes.

You’ll find it from: Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Snipping Tool. The first time you use it, you’re prompted to add it to your taskbar.

I only discovered this because Fireshot, my favorite screen capture tool, isn’t working right now and someone in the Fireshot forum mentioned it.

My favorite feature that I haven’t seen elsewhere is the Freeform Snip option that lets you draw a line to capture an irregular area.

I’d love it if Fireshot started working again, it has lots more options. But Snipping Tool is quite handy and what an improvement over the old Windows Print-Screen option. More tips on using the Snipping Tool.