101 Free Tech Books!

101FreeTechBooks gives away 101 free books every month. It’s simple – you sign up for this free service, create a wish list of tech books and you might just win one of them in their monthly raffle. Certainly worth a few minutes of your time, tech books are pricey! The selection is impressively extensive. I quickly found a dozen books I wouldn’t mind owning, some that I was looking at in the bookstore just last week.

I discovered this service today via Nicole Engard’s What I Learned Today site. She says she received a free book within a month of signing up. So, game on! I want some books too. Thanks Nicole!

After you sign up, you can earn more ‘raffle tickets’ by checking out their Facebook page for promo codes. But first click on my link to their site, so I can earn more raffle tickets. I’m not too proud to beg! 🙂

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