New & Not So New #6

Air Dropper I think I’m in love with this one. It works with DropBox to help others share files with you.  If you’re already using DropBox to store important files online,  you know how easy it is to post a file there and use a public URL to share a file with others. But what happens when YOU need a file from someone else and they’re not using DropBox or any other similar tool? Air Dropper to the rescue. You use it to send an email requesting a file. The email contains a secure link to a page where the owner of the file can upload it quickly and easily. No muss, no fuss. So simple and elegant.

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Interesting Ways Looking for some great uses for iPads in the classroom? Or how educators are using Google Earth, Prezi, QR Codes, audio, Voicethread? And more! In this series of presentations that started in 2008 (I think), Tom Barrett has crowd-sourced ideas from the educators around the world. Contributors create slides with their own ideas in the shared Google Docs presentations.  Take a gander, get some great ideas and share your own ideas!

Browserling provides an easy and free way to preview web sites in a variety of browsers. Not just a screen shot of what it will look like, but an opportunity to take your site for a real test-drive in different browsers/versions. Browserling runs all the browsers within your own browser window. If you sign up for a free account, you’ll have 5 minutes to explore before it times out. (Right now it’s very overloaded from all the publicity it’s been getting.)

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