Google’s Global Science Fair

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Google’s Global Online Science Fair is open to students aged 13-18 and is accepting submissions from Jan 11 to April 4.

Of coures, the project encourages the use of many different free Google tools : Google docs to create surveys, gather data and create presentations;  YouTube to present a video of the  project; Google Scholar and other search tools for research, and so on.

Google and partners (CERN, National Geographic, Lego, Scientific American) are offering some pretty great prizes like a trip to the Galapagos Islands, scholarships and more.

And students will need a Google account to submit their project via the template available in Google Sites. (Sample submission)

Want to know more? Check out the Resources for Teachers page.

Too much Google?

Say what I might about Google owning our lives  (and I do!),  this looks like a fabulous opportunity for your students. And a great chance for you to explore some tools that you may not have tried yet. I know what great things educators are doing with these tools from all the interesting ideas I’ve heard in the  Google Tools workshops I’ve been teaching.  Of course, there are are many other tools that students can use in their research projects as well. That’s the basis of another workshop I’ve been offering called Research 2.0 Hope to see some of you at the next session later this month in Saratoga.