Library Day in the Life – Day 2 & 3

Day 2?

Well really, just day 3. Forgot to write yesterday and even though I did have a few notes from the day, they’ve disappeared along with any memory of what I was doing. I know that I sat at my desk all day long, with just one quick excursion to the bank and post office. Mostly I was working on a digital storytelling class for this Friday.

So Day 3 instead

Even after all these years of being a consultant, I’m still amazed  that I can spend a whole day, just emailing, organizing, checking calendars and answering questions – and not really having any billable hours. If you decide you want to be a freelance consultant, remember that you’ll probably put in 5 hours of work for every hour you bill for. Set your fees accordingly! You’re your own secretary, assistant, accountant and custodian. And you end up talking to yourself, a lot!

So what did I do today? Here are the scribbles I kept as the day progressed.

  • Reading, planning, phone meeting, email, PR writing – all related to an upcoming region wide training program that I’m really excited to be doing. Sometimes my work is an awful lot of  fun!
  • Fielded questions & booked dates for training sessions for a whole bunch of different library systems in NY & CT. Gathered info on recent training programs for a grant status report.
  • Planned route for trip tomorrow. I’m not too keen on driving through the mountains in the winter, even if it is a highway, so I obsessively mapped out where all the rest areas are and where there are gas stations and diners. Silly me I suppose, but I’ll feel better knowing where the next cup of coffee is coming from.
  • Finished prepping for Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools workshop on Friday.
  • Updated handout and wiki resource page for a school library workshop on Digital Research Tools
  • Did many loads of laundry and went to the gym too. When you work from home, these things can all merge into your workday.  At least they do for me.
  • Spent some time here and there checking twitter, flickr and facebook. An important part of the day for keeping up with news, ideas and tips.
  • Reviewed files for a big writing project, looking for additional content that needs to be written.
  • Signed up for the beta test of – a new video encoding service that looks like it will really simplify posting video on web sites and sharing between devices.  Nifty.
  • Realized that was about 12 hours of work and poured a glass of wine! 🙂