Library Day in the Life – Days 4 & 5.

And days 6 & 7 too.

Polly, Sara, Jen
Polly, Sara, Jen

And so Library Day in the Life Round #6 comes to an end.

Day 4: I got organized, packed and drove to Plattsburgh, NY to teach a class on Friday. Not a very productive day otherwise. I usually don’t count on getting much else done on a travel day. And this was no different than expected. Ate a lousy dinner of takeout food because I was craving Indian food. Should have listened to my host’s recommendations and gone to the nice restaurant down the road. Occasional lousy takeout is part of the deal with traveling so much though! Great meals with friends are the flip side of that, thank goodness. And making new friends when I travel is undeniably the best part of all the business travel.

Day 5: Taught a full day session on Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools at the CVES BOCES.  Jen Henry organized the training, which was attended by about a dozen school librarians.  Everyone had such great ideas, I went out of there with my head swimming. And what fun to have a surprise attendee, good friend Sara Kelly Johns. :-) 

A long drive home, powered by too much caffeine, a giant pastry and a big bottle of soda. Healthy, oh yeah. OK I went to the gym when I got home.

time for a pro

Day 6: Saturday isn’t always a day off for me, but since I was totally exhausted, I didn’t do much work. Except… an attempt at repairing my laptop that died in Plattsburgh. Another hat to wear if you decide to work for yourself, IT geek.

Day 7: Finished prepping for tomorrow’s class on Digital Research Tools for the WSWHE BOCES School Library System, cleared up a few piles of papers and plan to do a bit more writing on a WordPress project.