Learn with CDLC! Learning 2.0 program

Learn with CDLC is off to a great start! We have 150 people signed up for this program, with close to 50 already on the waiting list for the next program. We just didn’t have enough people to manage more than 150 participants.  And just 2 days into the first week, 50 people have already finished the first exercise. A great beginning!

This program is sponsored by the Capital District Library Council, which is a multi-type regional library system here in the Albany, NY area. Members include 4 regional school library systems, 3 regional public library systems and many academic, medical, government and special libraries.

Instead of 23 things, we’re doing 10. Sounds a bit less daunting maybe? Though I think if we counted everything we’re asking people to do, there probably are 23 things.  Either way, there’s lots of fun and learning ahead.

Week 1 is Blogging, Week 2 is RSS. Then photo sharing, videos, online communities, webinars, productivity tools and more.

I’m so excited to be running this program in my own home region! It’s great fun to see many of my longtime friends and colleagues participating and connecting with lots of new folks too. Wish us luck keeping up with it all.


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