Want to Move from WordPress.com to a Self-hosted Site?

Flickr image by iamperegrino

Now here’s a deal! The happiness engineers (isn’t that a great job title?) at WordPress.com want to help you move your site from the free, but sometimes limiting, WordPress.com service to your very own self-hosted WP site.

In this recent post, Guided Transfers to .org, they announce a $99 deal that will get you up and running on one of the commercial server companies that they recommend.  They’ll install WP, transfer content from your WordPress.com site and in general make everything all spiffy and ready to roll. Not to mention, the icing on the cake, 2 weeks of help with your WP install.

So if you’ve been running your site on WordPress.com and the only barrier to moving to your own installation has been “I just don’t have time to figure it out”, then this is the deal for you.

Note: Just to be clear, the commercial hosting of your own site isn’t free, there will be an ongoing monthly fee from the hosting server company.  Depending on your needs, this can be as low as  $8/month. If your site needs more oomph, you’ll pay more. You mileage will vary!