Drupal is from Mars, WordPress is from Venus

I’m way behind on posting conference presentation slides here. First up is “Drupal is from Mars, WordPress is from Venus”. This was a fun WordPress vs. Drupal smackdown at the CT Library Association meeting earlier this month. This was Sharon Clapp’s terrific idea, I thank her for inviting me to join her in doing this presentation.

2 thoughts on “Drupal is from Mars, WordPress is from Venus”

  1. It was so helpful to have you talk about WordPress as a CMS at the CLA Conference – thank you for coming down & sharing with Connecticut librarians. You were great to work with & great fun, as always! Plus, it turned out to be perfect timing with your (& Kyle Jones’) new Library Technology Report on using WordPress as a web content management system just having been published.

    Personally, I like both of these open-source CMS’. Hopefully, we steered our colleagues in the right direction to meet their specific needs and circumstances. It really is about finding the right tool for the job.

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