Etc: QuietTube, FlipSnack & PewInternet Twitter Update

Quietube – A handy tool for removing all the extraneous stuff on a YouTube page. Sometimes the suggested videos & comments on a YouTube page can be a bit distracting or inappropriate for your audience. Add the quietube bookmarklet to your browser bar, navigate to a YouTube video, click the bookmarklet and magic, all the extra stuff goes away.  Or just format the YouTube video URL in the following format for the same outcome:

For a screencast explaining this: VIDEO: Clean up YouTube videos (via: Teacher Experience Exchange)

FlipSnack – Upload a PDF to create an online flipbook. This one takes a PDF file and converts it to a flipbook. Handy for reports & projects that you’ve written in Word or other office products that can be output in PDF format. Upload it to FlipSnack and use embed code to put it on your website. Free version limits you to 3 books of 15 pages or less.

PewInternet: Twitter Update May 2011 – Twitter use is up and up significantly. 13 % of online adults* are using it, up from 8% in November 2010. In that same time period, usage doubled in two age groups: age 25-34 went from 9% to 19% and age 55-64, 4% to 8% – we older booms rock – or maybe we’re just spying on our kids?!  (*77% of adults over the age of 18 are online.)