Testing ThingLink

Just saw a post about ThingLink on twitter and have to play! @AuntyTech has a whole bunch of ideas about using ThingLink in education.

Ok, I’ll be back in a minute or two after I play with it a bit.

And I’m back. Wow, that is so much fun! It reminds me a bit of doing a clickable imagemap in my early html days. But this is so much easier.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for a ThingLink account
  • Install the ThingLink plugin on your self-hosted WordPress site, Blogger, tumblr or a few other platforms. Check the authentication details for your platform. Was very easy on WP.
  • Add a photo to your post.
  • Publish the post.
  • Visit the post and tag away! You’ll see icons on your photo to tag bits of the photo and add text and links.

Other features:

  • You can let others tag as well.
  • Anyone can can be embed your tagged image on their own sites.
  • Works in IE, FF, Safari & Chrome (well, at least it did for me!)
  • Stats on how many clicks on each note and how many ‘hovers’.
  • Great way to add value to the media you post on your web sites – connect viewers with related content.

Links to great examples & ideas for using ThingLink:

But wait… there’s more…

  • Import an image directly into your account on the ThingLink site.
  • Tag it there.
  • Then embed it, as I’ve done with this photo.


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