ifttt sends my Summify updates to Instapaper

Dcoffeeay 4 of #blog12daysxmas and that means it’s already 1/3 over. Maybe this is a challenge I can actually meet?

Yesterday I posted about Summify, a tool for monitoring social media for the  articles and links being shared by people in your social networks.

Today I want to share two more tools,  ifttt  and Instapaper, that help me keep up with reading those articles from Summify and other sources.

First Instapaper. It’s like that big old pile of papers that used to build up under your desk, those things you’d get around to reading someday.  Now with the click a button on your browser toolbar, whoosh, those articles go off to Instapaper. They’re ready and waiting for you when you get the time to read.

Next ifttt, or If This Then That. This amazing tool lets you set up wonderful little ‘recipes’ that make your digital life simpler.  In this example, ifttt monitors my Summify account. When it detects an update it sends all the articles to my Instapaper account. ie: IF THIS: Summify sends an update, THEN THAT: send it all to Instapaper. Magic.

So when I sit down in my comfy chair with my morning coffee and my iPad, I can quickly catch up on what people have been buzzing about and any other articles I’ve set aside to read.


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