Thanks for a Wonderful Year!

Thanks to everyone who made my work so much fun over the past year. Here’s a quick video with some photos from workshops, dinners, conferences and other fun events from the past year.  Watch out when you see my camera during 2012!

This is also my first post in the  #blog12daysxmas challenge that @polyxena challenged me to join. Happy to be joining my friends from Oz in this short “write a post a day for 12 days” challenge. That’s short enough that maybe I’ll finish it? I’m already a day behind, it started on Christmas day. And given that it’s already tomorrow in Australia, I guess I’m two days behind?

Since I’m working on a Cool Tools for Schools “23 things” project, I might try to write a quick post each day about a tool that I find handy or that sounds interesting.

Happy New Year!