Colors with Storify WordPress plugin

photos from my flickr feed – to test the Storify plugin for WordPress

One more plugin to test today. This one is the Storify plugin plugin. I think Storify is a great curation tool and it’s one of the first ones that I tested out.  The fexibility of being able to add notes and commentary interspersed with the embedded content from other sites makes it a great choice for students working on research projects.

The plugin adds a Storify button to the editing toolbar to easily insert a story into a post. But this is pretty easy to do without the plugin, just copy and paste from the Storify site to your WordPress post/page.

The plugin also adds a panel where you can build a new story from within your WordPress dashboard. If you spend all day in your WordPress dashboard this might be handy. Personally, I’d rather use the Storify bookmarklet in my browser toolbar to add content to my stories. And with them already embedded on a page/post, the content will just update itself anyways.

Tell me what I’m missing? I’d love to hear how people are incorporating this into their workflow?  I do love that Storify listened to folks who wanted this plugin though!

Photos from my flickr feed – to test the Storify plugin for WordPress

(And this is my last #blog12daysxmas post! Hooray, I did it, a week late, but done!)