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I’m still a day or two behind – this is for Day 7 of #blog12daysxmas!

This was a busy weekend with more family visiting. And that meant more cooking. And cooking means lots of time to listen to podcasts. I love listening to podcasts while I cook, sometimes it slows me down a bit while I stop chopping & stirring to jot down notes, but it’s wonderful to have so much great company in my kitchen. It often feels a bit strange though when I finish cooking and realize that these folks aren’t really there and ready to eat dinner with me.

This past weekend I got to share my kitchen with Buffy Hamilton and the Bibliotech gang,  Steve Thomas and Dave Lankes (Circulating Ideas), and Maurice Coleman and Jill Hurst-Wahl (T is for Training).

Since some other library folks have shared their lists of favorite podcasts, I’ll share mine too.

  • Tech Chick Tips – Two educators from Texas who cover tons of great resources for all grades and subjects. They also ♥ their iThings (so do I) and share lots of great apps for iThings.
  • T is for Training – Biweekly podcasts about training & teaching in library settings. Maurice Coleman has been hosting this ever-changing feast of topics and participants for 3 years, wow!   Don’t just listen, call in and participate, it’s a fun and friendly crowd.
  • Circulating Ideas – Steve Thomas’ monthly conversation with a innovative leaders in the library field. Lots of great ideas are circulated.
  • Bibliotech – Discusses all things digital technology at our libraries. Hosted by Kayhan B., Erin Anderson and Doug Mirams.

And more! Adventures in Library Instruction,  TWIT – This week in Tech, Hack Education Podcast and of course Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

There are even more listed on these blog posts. I haven’t had a chance to listen to all of these yet.


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  1. this is a great list. I listen to loads of podcast, but am always looking out for good library type podcasts….thanks!

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