Sharing with Evernote public folders

I’m a day or two behind, but I’m catching up – this is for Day 6 of #blog12daysxmas!

Evernote is one of several tools that help keep me organized. And that’s saying a lot. In 1977, I applied to library school after reading the course catalog and thinking I might become an organized person. Didn’t happen! Sure, I can organize my work life, projects, schedules, complicated trips, other people, but not my own little world of notes, papers, ideas, etc. But finally, with Evernote, I almost always know where I can find what I need. Since it synchronizes information with all my computers and other devices, I always have access to the information I need, wherever I am.

Beyond keeping notes, photos, ideas, etc organized, I love being able to selectively share folders full of information.  In Evernote, folders can be totally private, totally public or open only to selected people.   This is handy for sharing information with selected family members, ideas for trips with friends, notes for a project with colleagues, etc.  And one of my favorite uses is sharing recipes with friends. I’ve also found a few twitter friends who are sharing their recipes, and since these folders have unique RSS feeds, I’ve popped those feeds into Google Reader to aggregate all those recipes. Handy!

For students who are already using Evernote to clip and save information from the web, shared folders become an easy way for teachers to keep track of student progress.

I’ll post more about Evernote in the future. In the meantime, go try it.

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  1. Hi Cheri, if you right click on a folder in your list of folders, you’ll find a sharing option. That will give you a variety of ways to share your folder. You can make it public to anyone or limit it to particular users.

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