MHLS Build Your Base Online project – RSS examples

I’m working with the Mid-Hudson Library System on a 10 week 23 things online learning project, which is part of their Building Your Base  project, a 2 year grant funded project focusing on helping library staff explore new ways to connect their communities.

This past week we explored RSS as a tool for gathering information and to push information back out to the community. As part of this, I’m going to use this space to show the group some examples of how they can repackage rss feeds on their web sites and the web sites of other community organizations.  Our course web site is on and doesn’t allow embedding javascript content in blog posts. And anyways, maybe these ideas will give other people some ideas too!

The example here is an RSS feed for the Hudson Valley Reads readers advisory newsletters. Using the free tool feed2js, I was able to create snippet of code that pulls the latest updates from that feed into a little box or “widget” that could be placed on a library web site – or on a community organization website (get your info out of the library!). Direct links to interesting topics are more likely to catch a customers eye than a simple link to the product as a whole.


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